We are open!

Our doors are open!

We are open daily, to visit the museum you need to book a ticket with time lock online. The museum café with terrace is also open daily. Reservations for the café or terrace are not necessary.

Would you like to visit the War Museum soon?

In connection with the corona measures, Overloon War Museum is open for a maximum number of visitors per day. For the safety of visitors and employees, we strictly adhere to the rules set by the national government and RIVM.

The museum can only be visited with an e-ticket that has been pre-booked via the website for a specific date and start time. This also applies to Friends of the museum, Museum card holders and people who already have a ticket or a voucher (via an action partner).

You can order your e-ticket (s) here


1. First select the correct ticket type
2. Select the number of e-tickets  

* Children under 4 years of age have free access but must be included in the reservation
3. Select a date and time slot
* Access to the museum is only possible in the chosen timeslot. Your ticket remains valid until closing time
4. Enter additional information
5. Agree to the terms and conditions and health conditions
* If our instructions are not followed, one of our employees can order you to leave the museum
* If you experience corona-related health problems: stay at home!

6. Payment / Confirmation * Payment if applicable; after this step you will receive your e-tickets by e-mail.

• E-tickets can be printed or scanned from a mobile device (smartphone / tablet)
• Visitors with regular e-tickets can enter the museum directly with their e-ticket. They do not have to report to the reception
• During your visit, you must - in addition to your e-ticket (s) - also bring any discount vouchers or tickets that you already own
• Discount cards, vouchers or tickets that you already have are converted into an admission ticket at the reception
• Museum cardholders must scan their card for verification
• Read the applicable corona measures before your visit and keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for news and the latest developments
• Online reservation of a date and a time slot is mandatory for all visitors; It is unfortunately NOT possible to "get the receipt"
• It is NOT possible to buy tickets at the reception / cash desk or to reserve by telephone
• Purchased e-tickets are only valid for the booked date and time. E-tickets CANNOT be canceled and money is non-refundable

In Overloon War Museum we follow the Dutch guidelines of RIVM. We implement the measures from the protocol "Safe Together Out". This protocol provides three guarantees that are consistent with these guidelines.
• We ensure a 1.5 meter distance between households
We only receive a limited number of guests at a time and only with an online reservation. We work with a standard per location, so the amount of people is always appropriate
• We provide extra hygiene measures
We carry personal protection materials where necessary. We disinfect important contact points and clean more often. We offer central disinfection points
• We provide sufficient and clear information
We have visible, well-informed and trained colleagues. We provide understandable information, instructions and signage. We speak to guests if the agreements are not followed

Overloon War Museum adheres to the RIVM guidelines and we ask our visitors to adhere to them. So do not come to the museum if you suffer from a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough and / or increase (up to 38ºC). For colds and fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and / or shortness of breath, we ask you and your entire household to stay at home.
When you reserve your e-ticket (s), we ask you to agree to the above health provisions.
• Visitors are not checked for body temperature
• Wearing face masks is allowed but not required
• If you or someone in your household becomes ill during the visit to the Overloon War Museum, we ask you to return your entire household
• Due to the 1.5m measure, our employees cannot help you physically
In case of an emergency, eg resuscitation, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM. For this, our in-house emergency workers will wear extra personal protective equipment.

The catering industry in the Overloon War Museum open.

• Toilet visits are limited. There are hand washing facilities at all toilets
• We have limited wardrobe options. Provide a meter and a half between coats and bags of visitors / company in relation to others. It is not possible to store baggage in our wardrobe
• (Group) tours are not yet taking place
• The use of our loan wheelchairs is still possible. Returning wheelchairs are cleaned. It is not possible to reserve wheelchairs
• Access to the pavilion of the Battle of Overloon and the Blockbuster has been adjusted to a maximum of 8 people. We ask you to follow the instructions (from our employees)


In accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM and the agreements with the Dutch Museum Association, ticket sales (for the time being) only take place in advance online in. Contact details are also registered, so that the GGD can trace who was on the site in the event of an outbreak.

But for the time being, it is not yet known in what way checks should take place at the gate for Corona. At the moment we assume that the QR code of Corona Check app should be able to be scanned and that the public should take 1.5 meters into account. We are waiting for further decision from the government on this until we can say more about this.

We do not provide refunds on entrance tickets for Militracks 2021. Unless the event is rescheduled or canceled due to Covid-19, all ticket purchasers will be informed by us by email.


Online reserveren noodzakelijk! Online reservation is necessary! Online-Reservierung ist notwendig!
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