Plenty to do in Overloon


Every year, the War Museum Overloon attracts more than 100,000 visitors to Overloon. You can spend a few hours with us, but if you would like to do more afterwards, read on. There is plenty to do here...

Next to the museum, there is the Zoo Parc Overloon, a nice zoo. An open-air theatre, a 9-hole golf course and a great ice cream parlour, to name a few more. Furthermore, Overloon which is located in a wooded area, with a variety of hiking and cycling routes, equestrian trails and outdoor activities. The well-known Pieterpad does the neighbouring Vierlingsbeek. The train, by the way.

As part of the Liberation Route, there are many listening places in the area that are easily accessible by bike to listen to the stories of the war and liberation. The German military cemetery which is also connected to the Liberation Route, in Ysselsteyn, Limburg. Very worthwhile!

The biggest events in Overloon are, of course, the fair in summer, but also a carnival and the events of the museum, such as Militracks, Santa Fe, Museum in the Dark and Crossroads.

Furthermore, Overloon is not far from De Peel and places like Boxmeer, Cuijk and the historic fortified town of Grave. The Brabant region, with places such as Mill and Sint-Anthonis, is known as the Land of Cuijk that has a long, even Roman, past. On the other side of Overloon is Limburg with Venray and several water sports locations on the Meuse.

You can stay overnight in one of the bungalow parks, on the mini-campsites nearby or the other accommodations in Overloon, Venray or further surroundings. All in all, Overloon is a great starting point or base for a nice day out, a relaxing weekend getaway, or a wonderful holiday. So: welcome to Overloon!

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