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We are open!

What about all Corona measures again? And what CAN we do in our museum at the moment? Well quite a lot:

✅The advance reservation of tickets with date and time slot is mandatory, this can be done via www.;
✅The museum is large, which is why we have created a fixed walking route (one-way traffic), where all paths are 3 meters wide so that they can pass each other safely
✅We have taken various hygiene measures, on the walking route as well as at sanitary facilities;
✅On the route you will meet several employees who can answer questions and also supervise to ensure that the 1.5 meters is maintained;
Wearing a mouth mask is strongly advised, but not mandatory until December 1;

Hospitality & Activities
At the entrance and exit of our museum, it is possible to obtain coffee, tea, soft drinks, sandwiches and a snack, the purchased goods may not be taken into our museum;
Enjoy tasty dishes made at home by our Chef Bernie? Check:
✅ Tours can be booked for a maximum of 4 people or a household consisting of a maximum of 6 people, of which a maximum of 4 people over 12 years old. You can choose from:
- A tour of the exhibition The Netherlands in the Second World War (personal stories). Costs: € 32.50 working day, € 52.50 weekend.
- A tour of our Military Hall (stories about transport, vessels and aircraft). € 32.50 working day and € 52.50 weekend.
✅Lectures for up to 29 people can be booked in our auditorium. You can choose from:
- Lecture The Netherlands in the Second World War with special attention to The Battle of Overloon, supported with unique images. € 42.50 working day, 62.50 weekend.
- Interactive lecture with a theme of your choice, related to WW2, supported with unique images. Costs: € 42.50 working day, 62.50 weekend;
School visits - registration via the reservation form on our website;
✅ Scavenger hunts for children, choose from:
- Museum Kids treasure hunt, look for the monster Tikket and learn more about the Second World War. Costs: € 1.00 per treasure hunt + a nice surprise
- Treasure hunt Military Hall, find the right object and try to answer your questions. Costs: € 1.00 per treasure hunt + a nice surprise;
✅ Join our new Video tour of the museum and discover the stories behind the objects in our museum. Cost: Free!

Reservations or questions about reservations can be made via: publicsdienst@

Enough what can be done in a safe and responsible manner! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful museum!

Stay safe!
Many greetings Team War Museum Overloon


We are open every day!
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