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War Museum serves tulip bulbs and Crisis Cupcakes during the Christmas holidays

War Museum serves tulip bulbs and Crisis Cupcakes during the Christmas holidays

During the Christmas holidays there is plenty to do in Warmuseum Overloon. You can take a look inside the Centurion tank. There are also live displays in the museum, where re-enactors explain things about for example the airplanes in the collection. On various days you can watch and listen live to the reenacted story of tank driver Bob Dare who experienced tense hours during the Battle of Overloon. But there's more…

Christmas Square
A cozy Christmas square will be set up in the middle of the museum especially for the Christmas holidays. At this place, visitors can taste tulip bulbs and Crisis Cupcakes for free, according to an authentic World War II recipe. Volunteers are also available here every day to teach young and old how to use real materials from that time to make telephone calls. The museum's firearms team is present on Fridays to explain weapons used during the Second World War. This is the chance to see them up close and even hold them.

On various days, re-enactors (persons who depict historical scenes) are present to explain things to visitors, including the Horsa Glider and the C-47. What did parachutists carry with them? What did the different parachutes look like? And how did they jump out of a plane with 40 kilos of luggage? Try on a parachute harness yourself on the spot! The British Churchill tank in the center of the museum tells a very special and moving story. This story is acted out and told by a group of re-enactors dressed like the brave English boys who rode in this tank during the Battle of Overloon 77 years ago.

Those interested in historic Jeeps and who have not yet seen the exhibition 'Jeep SENSATION' can still admire it until January 2023. For many people, jeeps symbolize the liberation of Europe. This makes the Jeep a very accessible and, above all, a well-known vehicle. A number of vehicles have been professionally restored or preserved especially for this exhibition. In the exhibition it is possible to see many different types of Jeeps together. From early pre-production models to one that rolled off the production line in 1945 just before the end of the war. For the enthusiast, there are really a number of unique beautiful specimens.

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