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Bailey Bridge War Museum renovated by the Army

Bailey Bridge War Museum renovated by the Army

In recent weeks, Genisten of the Operational Support Command Land (OOCL) have been busy with renovation work on the Bailey Bridge on the grounds of War Museum Overloon. On Wednesday, March 24, the last parts of the bridge will be replaced and a plaque will be ceremoniously unveiled.

The Genie donated the bridge in 1988 to the Overloon War Museum. After three decades of outdoor use, the bridge was in need of renovation. The abutments, or the supports of the bridge that rest on the ground, have been reinforced, so that the bridge again meets the safety requirements. Many have taken a walk across the bridge during Militracks or Santa Fe. The bridge is used as a pedestrian bridge and during events historical vehicles from the Second World War drive underneath.

"The Genists of 102 Construction Company, of the Royal Netherlands Army are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their construction skills," said Sergeant Major Wessels, project leader of the Engineer. "This assignment presented enough challenge for our people and we also give the museum a hand." Lifting a bridge of this size and the associated weight is already a unique training situation for the company. The museum itself does not have the means to realize this. A win-win situation for both parties.

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