Publication date: Wednesday July 26, 2023 • Back to news overview

Museum visit War Refugees from Ukraine

In May we received the request from the refugee shelter the old Maashegge and 'the Buutenland' of the municipality of Land van Cuijk, whether we could cooperate with free museum visits, in the form of a sponsorship.

Through an internal poll they took stock of whether there was interest in visiting the War Museum, and there was! Over 50 people signed up for this.

Because the refugees have little money to live on and we also think it is important that they have the opportunity to visit the museum, we of course agreed to this request.

The museum visit was scheduled for June 7. The group of Ukrainian refugees experienced the museum visit as pleasant and impressive, and they were able to put the information from the museum into perspective. However, a museum visit, especially for this target group, is accompanied by fear, pain, sadness and memories because they themselves had to flee their homeland very recently. There were enough supervisors present to support the refugees in this and after the museum visit an aftercare meeting was planned at the reception location itself.

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