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New Bailey bridge

''New'' Bailey bridge in the museumpark of Warmuseum Overloon

We have been working hard in our park. The men of Defense (102 Construction Company) have been busy laying a ''new'' Bailey bridge in our park.

Once the Allies began pushing back the Germans in Europe, they faced serious logistical problems. Many bridges over rivers and canals had been destroyed and new (temporary) bridges had to be built to allow vehicles and troops to advance. Thanks to an invention by the Englishman Donald Bailey, the engineers had access to a construction kit that could be used to quickly build a steel bridge: the Bailey Bridge.

This bridge was hidden for years in De Hout in Alkmaar, behind Huize Westerlicht over a ditch, and provided access to the back of the hospital. In 2021, the entire hospital site in De Hout was thoroughly revised. This Bailey bridge was in the way and had to make way. The Northwest Hospital Group donated this bridge to us and the bridge arrived in Overloon on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

The ''new'' Bailey bridge is part of the extended cycle path through the museum park. We now know the bicycle bridge through the museum, but from 1 April (no, it's not a joke) you can cycle over both bridges via junction 31.

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