For many people, Jeeps are a symbol of the liberation of Europe. This makes the Jeep a very accessible and, above all, well-known vehicle. In this new temporary exhibition it is possible to see many different types of Jeeps together. From early pre-production models to one that rolled off the production line in 1945 towards the end of the war.

The following Jeeps are currently in the exhibition:

  • Ford GPW, 1945
  • Nekaf, 1956
  • Bantam BRC 40, 1941
  • Willys MB Slat grille, 1941
  • LRDG/SAS Jeep
  • Willys MB, 1945
  • Willys MT-Tug 6x6, 1943
  • Ford GPA, 1943
  • Crosley CT-3 Pup, 1943

For the enthusiast, a number of unique beautiful specimens are shown. A few vehicles have been professionally restored or preserved especially for this exhibition and are back in top condition. The space is tastefully decorated with drawings of Jeeps and there will also be videos in which Jeep enthusiasts have their say.

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