Autumn Gale, Herbststurm

Writers: Jack Didden en Maarten Swarts
ISBN: 9789080039384
Pages: 546
Language: English

This exciting new book with over 800 pictures and maps, a lot of them never published before, examineshow a relatively small battle froups. Kampfgruppe Chill, slowed the Allied momentum after the collapse of the German army in Normandy. The story begins with the capture of Antwerp on 4 September 1944 and examines in detail the engagements in northern Belgium, the fighting for Joe’s Bridge, operation Market Garden, Goirle, Woensdrecht, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the tank battle at Wuustwezel, Moerdijk and various other battles in the outh of the Netherladns until the German 15. Armee pulled back north of the rivers in early November. The focus is on Kapfgruppe Chill and schwere Heeres Panzerjäger-Abteilung 559, but the book includes much new information about Kapfgruppe Walther, the various Sturmgeschütz and Fallschirmjäger units and the contribution of the Kriegsmarine.

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Autumn Gale, Herbststurm
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