De slag bij Overloon

Note: updated edition with information regarding militracks 

Writer: Erik van den Dungen
ISBN: 9789080190603
Pages: 127
Language: Netherlands

 In the south of the Netherlands, the largest tank battle in Dutch history took place in October 1944: The battle at Overloon. The occupiers ordered all inhabitants to leave their homes immediately. In the pouring rain, people had to find a safe place to go. Many arrived in Venray, where they sometimes hid for weeks in cellars while over their heads the battle played out.
After the liberation, Venray remained on the front lines and was shelled for weeks. A new evacuation was therefore unavoidable.  When the refugees returned home in the months thereafter, they often discovered only ruins. The rebuilding lasted more than ten years.
This book is about the fight at Overloon and Venray and can also serve as a museum guide for your visit to the Overloon War Museum.

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De slag bij Overloon
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