Militracks Das Truppenfahrrad

Writers: Barbara Mailwald and Peter Verhoeven
ISBN: 9789080190696
Pages: 104
Language: Dutch, English, German

The international Militracks event, which has been regularly taking place in Overloon since 2010, focusses on the German military automotive engineering before and during the Second World War. In that, a lot of attention goes out to track vehicles, as can be read in the previously published book Militracks - Evolution 1. Sideways this book also mentioned the Wehrmacht bicycle. All armies used bicycles in those days, but none of them had implemented the use of them as thoroughly as the German Wehrmacht. That is why military historian Barbara Mailwald wrote another book, this one focusing on military bicycles. Peter Verhoeven, specialist in this field, acted as co-author. The book first describes how the military bicycle gained a foothold - in Europe, but also beyond - and in addition, you will be offered an extensive overview of the various models used by the Wehrmacht

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Militracks Das Truppenfahrrad
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