Militracks Evolution 1

Writers: Barbara Mailwald and Jan van Berlo
ISBN: 9789080190689
Pages: 96
Language: Dutch, English, German

Not long ago, in 2009, the idea for Militracks was launched. Today Militracks is the largest Sd.Kfz. event in the world. This book, which offers both a practical overview of vehicles as well as a description of the background behind them, provides you with an image of the history of Militracs’ conception and the various editions of the event throughout the years. Militracks is, first and foremost, a gathering of and for technology enthusiasts. For people who know how to appreciate the technological achievements even though they were developed in a time in which humanity itself was being heavily tested. The authors work professionally with museum military collections and have used this perspective to publish this book for you: an interesting and at the same time practical catalogue of German military technology.

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Militracks Evolution 1
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