Eyewitness Inside WWII

Authors: Merijn Bevers and Wim Seelen
ISBN: 9789079190195
Number of pages: 244
Language: Dutch, English and German

Eyewitness Inside WWII tells the story behind more than 100 special objects in the Eyewitness War Museum. Large and detailed photos of unique pieces and everyday objects give an impressive picture of World War II in Europe! Look through the eyes of the German parachutist August Segel, fictional main character of the museum, to the past of the Second World War. His story symbolizes the personal stories of the real eyewitnesses. Discover how an entire generation was dragged into the greatest military conflict the world has ever known! From the highest rulers to the soldiers at the front and the civilians in a war-torn society. This human side of the past gives the objects in Eyewitness Inside WWII a face.

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Eyewitness Inside WWII
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