Writers: William Spear
Pages: 380
Language: English

Limeted edition, signed by the author

They"... pack the speed of a rabbit, the toughness of a rhinoceros, and the deadliness of a rattlesnake in their ten-foot, one ton makeups"

                                                                                                    Atlanta Constitution, 1941

"WARBABY" is the story of the original jeep: the Bantam Reconnaissance Car. In addition to establishing the basic qualities and characteristics of all WWII jeeps, it was also the first quarter ton 4x4 to be referred to as a jeep, the first jeep to be commissioned in any Army and the very likely the first jeep to see actual combat. The limited numer of copies of this first collectors edition and its deliberately limited distribution and promotion will insure that it is a milestone volume required to be in every auto, military vehicles or 4 wheel drive enthusiasts library.

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