Herman the Sherman on Tour

Herman the Sherman

Since March this year we started posting very special YouTube videos. We have set up a really cool cart for that, which we have christened Herman the Sherman. Herman is actually one big (well, big...) moving film studio, with several cameras on board. And with Herman we drive through the museum to treat you to special and in many cases previously unseen images and stories.

While driving the golf cart, several stops are made at vehicles, ships and planes. Each YouTube video focuses on an object in our museum with a special story for a few minutes. From technical details to personal stories.

In videos of a few minutes each, we update you on various topics. Whether it concerns airplanes, tracked vehicles, or very other special things in our museum, we treat you to exclusive images and background stories. We also let experts and sometimes eyewitnesses speak. In short, if you are a fan or friend of the museum, or are just curious about what we have to offer, check out our YouTube channel. Watch the latest video below:

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