Renting fee and our rules


  • The Loonse Vlooien is a garage sale only for individuals.
  • Sales can only occur from a booth that is provided by us. These booths are 4x1 meter and is supplied with a cover. You do not have to bring your own tent or tables.
  • The rent for a booth amounts 25 euro per booth at a time, including VAT.
  • At Loonse Vlooien can only offer second-hand items.
  • It is not allowed to sell food and beverages as well as new items at Loonse Vlooien.
  • Arranging the booth starts at 9 AM in the morning of the day the garage sale.
  • Food and beverages is available at the museum cafe.
  • Toilets can be found at the reception of the museum.
  • Packing up of possible unsold items is only allowed at the end of the garage sale. We want to prevent early packing up. If people decide to clear out their booth earlier they will not be invited back a next time at the Loonse Vlooien.
  • You have to take home unsold items and/or packaging. At Loonse Vlooien are no trash containers available and we wish to keep the museum park clean.


  • Reservations can only be made online.
  • A reservation can be made till 2 days before the garage sale takes place.
  • The rent for the booth has to be added to our bank account before the garage sale takes place.
  • After we have received your payment, you receive within a few days a conformation per e-mail. Please take this conformation with you to the garage sale.
  • Cancelling is possible till 1 week before the garage sale, after signing out you get a full refund to your bank account.
  • If you cancel 2-7 days before the garage sale, you receive half of the paid amount back at your bank account.
  • If you cancel 1 day before the garage sale, or at the day of the garage sale self, there will be no refund.
Online reserveren noodzakelijk! Online reservation is necessary! Online-Reservierung ist notwendig!
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