Militracks is on Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May 2024.

Ticket sales will begin in early 2024.

The military collectibles market opens at 09:00, at the same time as the gates to the grounds open. The vehicles begin driving starting at 09:30. From that time, there will be on-going rides, with a short lunch break at noon. Militracks lasts on both days until 17:00.

Riding is in principle possible the entire day, but there is naturally no obligation: Militracks is namely, above all, a sociable event where people with technical interests can meet each other, exchange experiences or make purchases at the large military collectibles market.

The location in the woods, with the museum within arm’s reach, makes a day at Militracks an absolute pleasure for young and old.


The Militracks parking area is about 800 meters from the museum grounds. Parking costs 10 euros per auto (per day)*. The parking lots can be found by following the special P-signage. The extra parking lots are clearly indicated from both the motorway (A73, exit 7) and the provincial roads.

* Online parking tickets will are available for € 7.00 per day, per car.

For disabled persons there will be a small shuttle bus available.

Campers can also be parked here during the day, during the event. However, this parking lot is not a camper place, so it is not possible to spend the night here with the camper. For the nearest camper place go to: Camperpark 't Schaartven (

Accommodations in the area:

Accessibility and address

The event takes place in the War Museum Overloon and in the surrounding museum park and forest. 

For people in wheel chairs it is good to know that the area is highly accessible. Though the majority of the visitors have to cross a bridge in order to cross the circuit, there are two places to cross the circuit on ground level (at the fair and near the theatre). Our staff will help you out here. And from and to Parking P1, there will be a shuttle available for disabled persons.

Address of the event:

War Museum Overloon
Museumpark 1
5825 AM Overloon
The Netherlands


Visitor terms and conditions


When visiting the museum park in any way, please be aware of our terms that apply to your visit:

  • This is private property. Visiting is allowed only when the entrance gates are open. No access is permitted when the gates are closed.
  • In 1944 many laid down their lives here in the pursuit of freedom. We would therefore ask all visitors to act respectfully towards others, the museum and the museum grounds.
  • To visit the museum you must be in possession of a valid ticket which can be purchased at the museum reception or through ticketing outlets. We do not give a refund on entrance tickets for Militracks 2024.
  • The museum cannot be held liable for incorrect information provided by third parties.
  • On entering the museum grounds, you do accept responsibility for your own safety: the museum cannot be held liable for any damage, except in the event of gross negligence on the part of the museum. Please exercise due care.
  • Sales or sales promotion is prohibited, except with our prior written permission.
  • Recording and filming for (semi-) commercial purposes is prohibited, except with the prior written permission of the museum.


  • We reserve the right to use camera surveillance when you visit us and to keep this video material for as long as necessary.
  • Many people take photographs and films during their visit. If you don’t want to be photographed or filmed, make this clear to the photographer beforehand. The museum cannot be held liable for improper use of images by third parties.
  • We are allowed to re-use images of the museum which you shared publicly through internet media for our own promotional purposes.

These regulations are based on the general terms and conditions of the museum which apply in full whenever you visit. A copy of these can be inspected on request at the museum reception. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send an email to us at:
Have a beautiful day!

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