Riding along tickets

Many participating vehicles can be seen driving around. Riding along with one of those vehicles – be it on a motorcycle or in the back of an armoured vehicle – is an experience in and of itself for many visitors. To ride along with vehicles, you can purchase separate tickets near the boarding area during the event. Prices vary according to the type of vehicle (per person per ride). That ranges from 5 euros for most vehicles, to 10 euros for Kettenkrads and 20 euros for armoured half-tracks.

What you should know:
In case tanks and tank hunters will take passengers, we will sell tickets for these rides. Ticket price: 50 Euro. If these tickets come on sale, they will not be sold continuously, because those vehicles only drive a few laps per day. In close cooperation with the vehicle owners it is decided if and when these will ride again. Only then we start selling the corresponding tickets again. In other words, these tickets could be temporarly not available. At the same time, there is no guarantee that a vehicle will run (again). If it happens that a ride doesn't appear to be possible, then the unused ticket will be taken back on the same day and refunded in fully.

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