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Horch Kfz. 17 Radio Car

The Kfz 17 radio car was the smallest fully sealed radio vehicle used by the German Wehrmacht. The vehicle is built on a 4 x 4 Horch 901 Einheits Pkw chassis, weighs over 3 tons and came in several radio variants. The Kfz 17  is equipped for medium/shortwave radios using a roof frame antenna. All surviving Kfz17s in existence today appear to have been built on chassis built by Horch (rather than Wanderer or Opel variant of the Einheits Pkw). It is estimated that 20% of Horch production totaling 50,000 units was used for Kfz 17 closed body variants. Today there are only a handful of complete Kfz17's left, the one pictured here is currently the only complete and running example in the world.

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