Frequently asked questions

Is there parking space for cars?

Up to about a hundred cars can be parked in front of the museum park. Parking is free.

Is there parking space for buses?

There is ample parking for buses. Across from the entrance to the museum, yIs eating in the museum permitted?ou will find several large parking spaces.

Is there bike parking?

Yes, across from the museum park, you will find a large bicycle parking area.

Is eating in the museum permitted?

Visitors may enjoy food items they have brought with them anywhere, except in the museum cafe.

How long can  I  stay in the museum?

The War Museum is spacious, and attention is paid to many different aspects of the war. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also has various (changing) exhibitions. In short: there is plenty to see and do. We offer various tours and presentations that make your visit to the museum even more interesting. If you would like advice on putting together a day programme, please contact us for the options.

What else is there to do in the area of the museum? Would you like to combine your visit with other activities?

That is possible. The area around the War Museum offers ample possibilities. You will thus find several military cemeteries in the vicinity of the museum. In Ysselsteyn in Limburg, about a quarter of an hour away, there is a large German military cemetery. In the wooded area behind the museum, you will also find a smaller military cemetery. In the museum park, there is a large climbing area, which offers both young people and their escorts an active challenge. On the edge of Overloon, you will also find the spacious 'Zoo Parc'.

Can  I  also get presentation packages in the museum shop?

Yes, you can go to the museum shop for presentation packages. A package consists of photos, a map of the Netherlands with the advance of the Allies marked on it, and it also includes faithful copies of identity papers and ration cards.

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