Douglas DC-3

Auteur: Michael S. Prophet
ISBN: 9789464560640
Aantal pagina's :184
Taal: Engels

Following on from the epoch-making DC-2 technology, the DC-3 is generally considered the greatest single commercial transport plane in history, and certainly the most famous. Indeed, the DC-3 revolutionized air travel to an extent not equaled until the arrival of the jet age.

Many of these revolutions related to safety; thanks to the DC-3’s reputation for reliability, in 1937 air travel insurance finally became available to the general public. This is the airliner that not only made flying respectable but enabled the emerging aviation industry to end its reliance on mail subsidies and profit from passenger journeys.

DC-3 are still flying eight decades after their first debut, a tribute to their brilliant design, and are likely to continue flying well into the 21st century.

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Douglas DC-3
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