Do you have a donation?


Let's say you still have items or papers from the war years at home and you want to keep it for the future. Where can that be better than in a museum?

What we as a museum are mainly looking for:

* personal certificates from the war period

* utensils from the war, as used in the house

* textiles, such as clothing, but also sleeve straps and flags

* militaria, such as helmets and related items

* photos from the war, both loose and albums

Maybe it's also good to know what we're not looking for, because we've had more than enough of it. These are newspapers, pedigrees and distribution vouchers. Building models or building kits are also not so suitable for our museum.

Sometimes weapons show up, and we always propose to agree with you and the police. In good consultation, they can often be transferred to the museum.

If you have something that may be interesting to us, please let us know. An e-mail to is most practical, if it is possible with a picture involved. All the additional information you can give us is welcome!

We will then contact you within a few days to see how we can best arrange the transfer, together with you. The shipping to our museum can be done without postage, but of course you can also drop them off at the reception yourself.

After receipt we register the items and you will receive a written confirmation of the registration from us, so you can be sure that they have ended up well.

Thank you very much!

PS: If you do not want to donate anything to our museum until the future, it might be a good idea to make a codicil and keep it with your other papers.

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