Spring break at Warmuseum

Spring break at Warmuseum

This holiday, come to the Netherlands' largest war museum and see the history of World War II at a bird's eye view. This Kidsproof Museum is fun for young and old alike; you are most welcome!

Come experience this this holiday:

Get behind the wheel of a Nekaf Jeep
During the holiday, the Nekaf Jeep will be taken out of the cellar so you can take a closer look at the Nekaf and take a cool photo behind the wheel.

Climb on a tank
During the holidays, you will get the chance to take a look at the Centurion tank. Take a photo behind the wheel.

Weapons days
Did you know that the museum has a huge weapons collection? During the weapons days, you get the unique chance to learn all about it. Our firearms team will explain all about weapons used during WWII. The weapons are disabled and may only be held under supervision.

Frontline talks
A veteran tells a story of a few minutes using objects. Learn more about what a veteran experienced during a mission, what equipment he used and how things were at that time. There will be plenty of room for questions and engage in conversation with a veteran.

180+ military vehicles
Tanks, planes, trucks, motorbikes and even a 28-metre-long amphibious vehicle.

Lancaster pavilion
Unique in the world: a crashed Lancaster displayed in 2000+ wreckage. Bring it back to life yourself with the interactive app!

Interactive exhibition: the Netherlands during World War II
Based on 8 eyewitness stories, you will be taken back in time. What would you do? Cooperate or resist?

Operation Anthropoid 
View this new temporary exhibition in the museum park near the museum entrance.

Museum café
Enjoy a delicious snack and drink in our Museum Café with playground.

Coming by bike? Then take a look at the museum from the bicycle bridge, which runs right through the museum.

And much, much more. Discover it for yourself!


Open 360 days a year - for all ages - free parking
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