Special Living History groups have been asked to participate in this event. It is therefore not possible to participate in this event as a re-enactment group yourself. You are most welcome as a visitor, alone or together, as long as you do not dress or identify yourself as a Living History group.

Below is a list of participating groups (without prejudice), we try to update it frequently.

Participating Living History Groups  
* 1st Airborne Royal Artillery Living History * Franse SAS
* 66'er * Frontkaempfer
* 7.901 7.Kompagnie Pz.gren. Lehrregiment 901 * Het vergeten leger
* American Patrol * HMRA
* Bad Dogs * Klondikes
* Canadian Soldier * MARS
* Der Windhund * North West Tommies
* Die Volksgrenadiere * Panzerjäger abteilung 228
* Dog Faces * US Field Kitchen
* DRG 40-45 * WACs On Wheels LHG
* Emmanuel van Hoof groep * War Department
* Fallschirmpioniere  
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