I have my own (WW2) Living History group. Can we also participate?
No. All groups were invited by War museum Overloon and if you have not received a message from us, your group has not been asked to participate in this event. You are most welcome as a visitor, alone or together, as long as you do not dress or identify yourself as a Living History group.

I have a (part of a) uniform, can I wear it?
We ask everyone not to wear uniforms of any unit or background. It is essential for safety that we have insight into who are participants and who are visitors at all times. German uniforms, helmets and/or Nazi symbols are not allowed under any circumstances. In case of doubt, the organization will decide and you may be asked to change clothes before entering the site.

I normally also have a market stall on Militracks. Can we also participate?
Due to a very limited number of stalls at this event, we have decided to specifically write to stall holders ourselves. If you are not registered, you will not have a stall at this event. In principle, this has no consequences for Militracks.

I have a (unique) military vehicle, can I enter the site?
No. All vehicles on site belong to the participating groups. You can of course park your vehicle in the general parking area that we facilitate.

It's cold and it's raining, will the event go ahead? And can I get my ticket back?
Unless we receive a weather alert, the participants will continue with the event as historically responsible as possible. Depending on the weather, think especially of dry and warm clothing. However, tickets are not exchangeable and we do not give refunds.

Is the museum open? Can I only visit the museum?
A museum visit is included in the entrance fee of the event. For that reason it is not possible to only buy a museum ticket, or to gain access to the site & museum with another form of ticket (friends pass, ANWB pass, etc.).

How did you arrange security?
Professional security guards walk around the site. These and employees of the museum are in close contact with the organization about all possible problems and calamities. A separate first aid post has been set up at a central point of the event. Feel free to contact one of our employees (recognizable by the museum polo and badge) if you need help or have any questions. Please keep a close eye on the announced messages and always follow the instructions of our security and staff immediately.

Are dogs welcome?
In principle, dogs are welcome, even in the museum. Keep in mind that due to the possible loud bangs at the Battles, this may not be the best choice. In all cases, a leash is required!

My question is not listed...
Please send an email to info@eyewitness-event.nl with your question or remarks and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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