Professional security guards walk around the site. These guards and employees of the museum are in close contact with the organization about all possible problems and calamities. A separate first aid post has been set up at a central point of the site. Feel free to contact one of our employees (recognizable by the museum polo and badge) if you need help or have any questions. Keep an eye on the announced messages and always follow the directions of our security and staff immediately.

Historical uniforms
In connection with the safety of visitors and participating groups, visitors are under no circumstances allowed to be fully dressed in historical uniforms or historic civilian clothing on the site. This applies to both Allied and German uniforms and/or equipment. All invited participants are able to identify themselves as such and this is strictly checked.

mock battles
One of the most spectacular parts of the weekend are the organized battles between the participating groups. These can be viewed at a safe distance in one of our stands or from behind the fences in the designated places. This activity will be subject to the greatest possible safety requirements, as pyrotechnics and 'blanks' will be used. The organization and management will close off the "playing area" well before the start and it is strictly forbidden to enter the area from that moment until the "all clear" signal. If a visitor nevertheless enters the Battle site during this activity, 'the Battle' will be stopped immediately and the visitor will be removed from the site immediately.

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