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Challenger A30

The Cruiser Tank Mk VIII Challenger (A30) was a combination of a modified chassis of the Cromwell tank with a 17-pounder anti-tank gun mounted on it, in a similarly modified turret. The tank was designed with the main purpose of eliminating the more heavily armored German tanks. The Challenger became available late in 1944. Only 200 examples were built, because the Sherman Firefly was developed for the same role and carried out with the same gun which turned out to be cheaper and available in larger numbers, although the Challenger was faster and more manoeuvrable.

This type of tank was also used during the battle around Overloon. The Challengers served here with 15/19 Regiment The Kings Royal Hussars. This specific Challenger was in service in the last months of the Second World War with the 1st Polish Armored Division, at that time engaged in combat in the northeast of the Netherlands. The tank came to Overloon in 1976 and is the only complete Challenger A30 in the world.

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